What We Do

Maintenance/Refurbishments and Repairs of Buildings and Installations

The company is a reliable partner regarding the execution of works on existing buildings and installations. It has a well-trained and experienced workforce, a network of competent and reliable associates and suppliers to provide complete solutions in a wide spectrum within the construction sector.

Construction of Building Complexes

The company has constructed a large number of residential and commercial complexes, maintaining high standards of quality and always within the specified time schedule, so as to meet requirements and expectations of its clients.

Construction of Luxury residences

During the last 10 years, the company has constructed an abundant number of luxury residences in the town and district of Larnaca, as well as in the Famagusta district. Giorgos and Pavlos Stavrou (Building Enterprises) Ltd has many years’ experience, as well as extensive knowledge in the construction sector. The company maintains high standards to ensure quality and functionality.

Construction of Industrial Buildings

In 2007, the company completed its first industrial building, achieving the targets set by the owners and other stakeholders. The company invests on strategic collaborations in the sector of steel structures with overseas companies and suppliers.

Construction/Maintenance of Oil Installation

In 2005, the company signed contracts for projects at the installations of the Cyprus Oil Storage Company. Among others, the company has completed the set up of the control room of the facility, the construction and repair of the pipeline and the machinery, both inside the company’s facilities, as well as in the installations of adjacent oil companies. The operators of the facilities are fully satisfied with the quality and performance of the company in the area of safety and health.